About  the  Artist

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I have often been described as having my head in the clouds.

Hi! I'm Ashley Grayce. 

As one of 10 home schooled children growing up on a horse farm, there was lots of "scope for the imagination." From sketching my siblings, plants, trees, to our horses, I always had a pencil and scrape of paper at the ready!  My homework was always covered in doodles and sketches, often becoming lost in my own little world. One of my Mom's famous sayings started at that age, "Take your head out of the clouds Ashley!" Unfortunately I never have quite been able to, always been a dreamer! But my parents encouraged and supported my interest in art from that early age and I've never stopped learning and enjoying it since then.

I started more formal training in water color and portrait art with various local artists in high school.  While taking formal degree work at college in graphic design,  I was introduced to a local master artist in quill and ink where I developed my niche for black and white art. I discovered love working with charcoal, and doing portraits in pencil. In time, I learned that my love for the classics as well as Fantasy that I watched growing up on TCM and all things J.R.R.Tolkien, greatly influenced my style as well.  From the elegant movies of the Golden Age of Hollywood, to the rolling green hills of Hobbiton my art is focused on beautiful memories, the warmth of family life, and classic fantasy. 

My passion for art has given me many joys throughout my life, the most special of which was meeting my husband and fellow nerd Samuele! It was through our mutual passion for art and history that we connected.  One of our first dates was at an art museum. Three years later became engaged there! Our third wedding anniversary is coming up in May, and we are settled into our new house!  Sam supports me wholeheartedly in everything (he brings me endless cups of tea while I'm working in my studio) and I truly feel blessed to share my life with him. 

In 2015 I began working part time as a freelance artist, and was encouraged by my husband and parents to take the leap of faith and formally start my own business in 2020.  Welcome to Ashley Grayce Art!