"Every home deserves an Heirloom"

Campbell Home
Fantasy Art Print
Dog Portrait
The Dragon and Hope
Ponies Portrait

"I have had several pieces done by Miss Ashley over the past few years. After relocating to our second house we received as a house warming  present a pencil sketch of the house done by a local artist with 30+ years of experience. When we mentioned it to Ashley, we came up with the idea of another of our previous house. With just a few photos since it was a fair distance away, Ashley was able to not only recreate it in all its splendor but with such appropriate detail – even the house’s ‘blemishes’ did not detract. She knew just how to showcase it. When years later we moved again, she was an early call and did our next house with equal splendor and, as is her name with such Grace that make them cherished works of art. In both cases our pen and ink house portraits were, worthy of the framing and sit proudly in our foyer.

                                                                     -Timothy Nieves

"My husband and I ordered two charcoal pieces from Ashley Grayce- I could never express how truly pleased we are! Each piece was exact to order-with personalized elements and details that we could not have imagined! The pair are the centerpiece of our home and will be enjoyed for generations to come! Simply exquisite to say the least!

                                                                                                -Denise Nieves

"I commissioned Ashley Grayce  to do charcoal illustrations of two favorite photos of mine. She not only froze  that special moment in time for me and future generations, but captured the warmth and emotions as well! I will cherish these heirlooms forever!"                                                -Nancy Campbell

"My husband commissioned Ashley  to do two portraits of  'my babies.'  They're two ponies that I've adored since I was little and actually learned how to ride on. I cannot believe how beautiful the drawings came out!  The pictures really speak for themselves, the detail is amazing and each pony's personality really shines through. Ashley really made it seem like I could reach out and pet my beloved ponies again. I cannot wait to get our other fur babies done to complete the set!" 

                            -Abigail McManaman

"Ashley created a collection of my 5 children that I will hold close to my heart and treasure throughout my life! These portraits are SPOT ON capturing my children's looks that are so familiar to us, and she somehow was able to go above and beyond to also catch those tiny special details you would think only as I their mother might notice that make them so uniquely them! "

                                                                                                           -Amanda Wheeler

Aragorn & Arwen Artwork


-Richard Taylor, founder of Weta Workshops, New Zealand on my LOTR Sketchbook 


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